The Night of One Hundred Thieves

Who will be the last thief standing?

The Queen was dying. The kingdom was at peace. And the ring was about to be buried forever in the royal crypt. But its aura of power and its promise of riches and its stories of magic were destined to inspire a night never to forget, The Night of One Hundred Thieves.

From an unlikely cast of farmers, travelers, townspeople, courtiers and royals, One Hundred unravels a tale of forty people all both recognizable and special in their own way, as they barrel toward their future together and an inevitable clash of motives. From Farah the Barren to Nora the Girl Widow, from Tarquis the Secret Pirate to Lykus the Cupbearer, their stories will make you laugh, cry, remember, and hope for their future and the future of magic.

Nominated for the 2016 Maly Wade Wellman Award in speculative fiction.

Called by one early reviewer: The Lord of the Rings meets Oceans 11, with a frosting of Love, Actually.

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You can buy the e-book at Amazon (for Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook), iBooks, Kobo, Baker & Taylor, and Smashwords (for multiple formats, including ePub). The paperback is available from Indiebound (and purchased locally to you), Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, and B. Dalton. It can also be rented from Oyster, Scribd, or your local library (if you request it, that is).

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